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BIPOC Brazilian-born performer raised in Costa Rica is bringing his artistry and sensual movements to the stage! After traveling worldwide as a classically trained dancer with various dance companies, he moved to New Orleans which has been his home for 20 years. and has earned multiple nominations and awards for his work as a choreographer from the city.

Eros Your God of Love, God of sexiness, putting the X on EXTRA shy and virginal, has performed all over the country and abroad, as a Boylesque performer. He has traveled to Ohio, Kentucky, Florida, Texas, etc, and also Costa Rica, Mexico, and Brazil! plus present his work at the New Orleans Nerdlesque festival ( future performer ), Crescent city Burlesque weekender, the Savannah Burlesque festival, Kansas city Nerdlesque festival, and Golden legends Challenge Championship 2019 award winner and also the overall winner for the Golden Variety Challenge championship 2021 and guest mentor for GLCC 2022r plus many more.

He is the co-founder of Scorpio Boys Entertainment the premiere all-male Boylesque troupe in New Orleans presenting regular shows at different venues in addition to this he performs all over the city as a guest for other groups! He also teaches classes on different styles of movement plus helps develop and refine your ideas into acts. he holds many titles such as Mr gay Louisiana USofA 2016, Mr. Gay Louisiana America 2019, Mr. New Orleans Pride 2016, Mr. Costa Rica 2000, Mr. National Apollo 2020, Best costume at GLCC 2019, and many more .with a double major in theatre and architecture he was also named one of the top ten artists in the nation by AGMA. A combination of brains, body, and brilliance that when combined can only be Eros Sea!







 Saturday Night 


Caffeyne Luv 


















Caffeyne luv is your neighborhood #unfriendlyblackhottie bringing their southern Californian Afro-Latine attitude to the Midwest. Their favorite pastimes include long walks on the beach, sipping tequila, dismantling the patriarchy and decolonizing beauty standards. Known for their mixture of high-energy moves and cosplay stylings, they're always ready to shake things up. Sometimes a man, sometimes a woman, but always a Daddy, they're not your typical Cup of Tease!







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Is it hot in here? No, it's just Burnie! A southern California transplant living in the Mitten, Burnie loves warping  genders and seducing errrbody. A master of facing existential crisis and eyebrow seduction, he'll make you laugh, cry and question your sexuality. Better call the contractor cuz these basements bout to be FLOODED.

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Muff Jones












The perverted pistol you’ll want to keep holstered, Muff Jones is an award winning Burlesque Artist, and producer. Founder\Producer of Femme Von Follies,co-founder/producer of “Make 'em Blush Burlesque” (2nd place 2020 Best of Boise, Performance Art) and founder/educator of Tease Acadamey. Muff is a main judge for Boise, ID’s Burlesque Show Person Competition and Boise’s Next Drag Superstar, Kings Edition. Muff has been fathering nudebies' and getting strange on stages across the nation, breaking down societal norms one Assel twirl at a time.

Amoxie Villain
Luna La Creme
Nitty Gritty
Noella DeVille
Poseidon Davenport
Roxy VonTeddy 
Scarlett Chaton
Shrimp Cocktail
Thottie biscotti
Tokio Night
Issa Vybe 
Minnie Ryder

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 Saturday Night Feature

Dahlia D'Luxe











Curiously comedic and sexy, this performer has danced her way across at least 10...ish...states for 8...ish years! A multi-award winning burlesquer having won titles such as "Best Comedic Burlesque Performance" at the Great Southern Exposure Festival in North Carolina and "Best Improv" TWICE in the Ohio Regional Burlypicks competition. She has produced, written, and hosted in numerous shows over the years and is so excited to be performing for the first time at the Midwest Nerdlesque Fest!

Harts and Hips
BonBon Bombay
CC Pebbles
Dolly O'Hara 
Dottie Comma
Farris Maiden 
Heaven Lee Court
Ira Knee 
Lola Loveletter
Lottie a la West
Nichole Fox
Whisper De Corvo

Sunday Brunch Performer Cast

Sunday Brunch Feature


The Fandom Fantasties

Betty Brash
Blue Jean
Caza Blanca
Celtic Honey
Mae Golightly
Princess Slaya
Sweet N'Lo
Theda Van Der Koil 
Trixie Phillips
Willow Wonderlust

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